Who we are

We are a family that is focused on living responsibly, sustainably and self-reliantly. We would prefer to do this on a homestead-size acreage property in the country but, due to current finances and job requirements, we are limited to a much smaller property just outside of town. So, in true homesteader style, we are learning to make do with what we have. Being 'acreage-challenged' may put a few limits on us, but it will not stop us; there are still things we can do right now, right where we are.

When you think about it, starting right now, right where we are, really is the perfect solution. How so? Simple: practicing self-reliance and frugality on a daily basis naturally leads to spending less money, and the less we spend each day the more we have available at the end of the month to pay off bills and build savings. While we are doing this, we are also building the knowledge and skills we will need when we do eventually get to that homestead in the country.

That's what this website is about: doing what you can with whatever space and resources you have available. We will focus on the knowledge, skills and techniques you can use to start building a homestead right now, one project at a time, even if all you have available at the moment is a backyard.

So follow along with us and start building your homesteading knowledge and skills now, right where you are, with whatever space and resources you have available. You will be making an investment that will pay big dividends later when you do eventually move to your homestead in the country. Then again, don't be too surprised if you discover, in the end, that your dream homestead is right in your own backyard!