The Homestead Kid's Life is an amazing life full of wonder and challenges.

The most important thing in any kids life is love! I don't think we need a scientific study to tell us that love is very important for a child to grow up to be a loveing nuturing adult. This means there needs to be loving nurturing adults in the kid's life. But lots of kids have that in their life so what makes a homestead kid different than kids that don't grow up on a homestead? Wide open spaces and the ability to touch, learn and live experiences.

A New Homestead for a New Begining

A Wild Night on the New Homestead

Love! What's love got to do with it? Everything. It is for love that we do the things we do. We keep our grandkids for love. We dog sit the kid's dogs for love. We help our grandkids with homework and pick them up from school and all kinds of other things. All out of Love. So when the kids said "Hey Mom, Can you watch the kids while we run away to Hawaii for a week?" It was out of love that I said, "Yes". Of course, about halfway through the week I was questioning my sanity LOL.

While things are always busy on our homestead the last couple of months have been even more so.  We were blessed yet again with a new Grand baby but this one is our first from our daughter Amanda and son-in-law J.T.  We were very excited to welcome little John Thomas Leverett the 5th to the family.

June 24, 2013 Burr Blogs

It's not all about work sometimes a dog has gotta just cut loose....

It is getting really hot here in Texas so Mom lets me spend the days stretched out on the ceramic tile floors in the heat of the afternoon up until it is time for me to go back on guard duty.