We had such a wonderful start to the new year.  We rang in the new year by video chatting with our children and grand children and then having dinner at our house with our very best friends.  And a wonderful start to the new year it is!

It's been a busy year already!  We have new additions to the homestead and they aren't babies.  The garden is in full swing and the fruit trees are bearing fruit.  It is like have just a small slice of heaven on an acre.

The rains finally came!  Last year here in Texas we suffered a horrible drought that made keeping a garden near impossible.  The drought was so bad that it got to the point we would dream about rain and worry about what felt like a never ending drought.  But that all ended the day the rains started.  The wonderful thing is that they are still coming. 

Just when you think a Christmas can never be topped our family manages to top the previous year.  Now when I say top the previous year I do not mean with buying more stuff or getting more "stuff".  I mean each year our Christmases get better as we grow stronger as a family and as homesteaders.  It is usually around Christmas time when we get that gift that will help us be even better homesteaders or the one that helped us learn a new skill that we realize just how far we have come.

It seems hard to believe that it is already November again!  It seems like just last week it was November of 2010 and I was working on last years Christmas gifts.  Some days it feels like I didn't even put a dent into the daily chores for trying to get the Christmas projects going.