My son and his family were here visiting for two weeks after a 5 year tour in Germany.  My granddaughter had not been here in over 2 years and it was the first visit for my grandson and youngest granddaughter.

It is hard to run a homestead without water.  You need water for your garden, the animals, the pastures.....everything.  We have been in a 7 month drought.  Oh we got a few dropletts here and there but not even enough to register on the rain gauge.

We finally did it.  We found a piece of property for our new homestead.  It will be years before we actually have it ready to live on but we will enjoy the opportunities it will give us to expand our knowledge and our homestead.


In January I blogged about getting some projects done this year that I  had been putting off for quite a while.   One of the projects I talked about was the kitchen floor project.  I was about 1/3 of the way finished with the kitchen floor and figured it would only take me another week or so to get the rest of the floor done.  Now we are almost into May and I just finished the kitchen floor about a week ago.