I decided that this is the year that I will get a big chunk of the stuff on my to-do list done.  As with all things that we do here at the Lil' Acre Homestead I have to watch the funds and do the most that I can with the funds that we have.  That includes doing home repairs and upgrades.

Oh yes, it was the best homesteading Christmas ever!

I was finishing up the last touches on a sweater/cardigan that I was making for Ronnie for Christmas when I started to think how our Christmas have changed since we started living the homesteading life.  Oh yes it has changed quite drastically and I like the change.

My sister-in-law looked at me and said "Why did you start doing it?"

It was the day after Thanksgiving, at my husband's family get together, that my  sister-in-law  handed me an article entitled "Food for thought: Natural not always better" written by John Stossel.