You know when you are growing up you hear so many little sayings and you never really question where they come from.  That is, until you own a goat, then you don't have to question where the saying comes from but you know where it came from.

You know that feeling you get when your kid is graduating and part of you is ready to see them go and the other part is sad because it's "your baby"?  Well, that's the way it is when it is time for the little goatlies to go to their new homes.

Who would have thought that two goat mammas could be so different!

You know I just can't win for losing when it comes to the goats.  I told Ronnie this morning I heard an odd sound on the side of the house this morning but couldn't tell what it was.  I told him it sounded like one of the animals but not not what they normally sound.  I actually thought it was one of the chickens......but it was only like 4:30 in the morning.......

The boys are two weeks old tomorrow and boy are they a handful already.