March 20, 2010

The other day I started my entry with “Can you smell it too?” I should have saved that title for today and said “Can you smell him!”

Man, did it rain today. Of course it is March so we expect it to rain in Texas. March is one of the few times we actually can expect rain here. I usually love to see it rain here but lately we have had more rain than normal. I have hardly been able to work the garden.

Oh how fast our little goatlies (that's what we call our Nigerian dwarf goats) are growing up. They are coming up on a year old in June, which means it is time for our little goatlies to become lady goatlies.

Yes, we found a young man for the girls and have made arrangements for him to come and visit starting next Sunday.

Today was one of those days with the chickens that makes you feel like you are on an Easter egg hunt.

For some strange reason the “girls” decided that laying in their nesting boxes was not necessary. A few days ago I noticed a startling decline in eggs until one day I went out and there were none.