It was one of those days that I  dread but I had put it off as long as I could.  It was the day to trim the goat hoofs......I know this does not sound like such a big deal but I am sure there are one or two of you out there reading this that completely understand what I am talking about with the dread of trimming. 

Now as usual it is my little high-strung goat that allows for the hoof trimmings without issue and my normally laid back goat that acts like she has just heard she is going to be BBQ!  That's right I can go out there and have Buckets trimmed in a matter of minutes while trimming Tsarina is like wrestling a bear!


This last time she was fighting so bad that after the 1st hoof I quit and figured I will do one hoof each day after milking since she always still has grains she can munch on.  Yeah the plan sounded good but it didn't work quite that way.  Day 2 I started to trim the second hoof and she was just completely non-cooperative.  She jumped, kicked, and flung herself around.  She laid herself down once or twice and I tried to trim while she laid there but she managed to keep the one I needed under her little rotund body.

I did finally manage to get one hoof done that day but I was in a full-out sweat and had a busted lip by the time I got finished with just one.  Finally on the third day I though I will put her on the ground but leash her so she can't take off on me.  When I let her get down and then she realized that she was leashed she got out right ticked!  She thrashed around and made herself out to be a little fool.  I let her wear herself out a little bit and then I attempted to start trimming with the intention of getting the last two hoofs done right then and there.  I lifted the first leg and she let out a sound like I had never heard come out of a little goat before - suddenly she flopped herself over onto her back, with her legs straight in the air and closed her eyes.

Oh I panicked, I admit it.  I surely thought my poor little Tsarina had worked herself into a heart attack and went and died on me.  I screamed, "Tsarina, Tsarina........Oh Tsarina please be okay!"  I kneeled beside her and put my hand on her when suddenly I noticed her big ol' blue eye was looking at me.  I let her off the leash and I said "Tsarina, are you okay, poor little Tsarina."  Suddenly she baaed and jumped up and took off on me!

I had just been hoodwinked by a goat!  She played like she had fainted or was dead and I fell for it.  Of course there was no getting her for the rest of that day.  The next day I told her she could faint all she wanted and if she kept acting like that I would sell her to the circus as the first Texas Nigerian Fainting goat.  I can't say she behaved while I finished trimming those two last hoofs but I got them done and she didn't do a flop on me that day.

I used to tell people it was Jonathan that taught me patience but then I got goats and realized I hadn't really learned patience quite yet.  I still had a lot to learn.

Never a dull moment on our homestead........................