We had such a wonderful start to the new year.  We rang in the new year by video chatting with our children and grand children and then having dinner at our house with our very best friends.  And a wonderful start to the new year it is!


I am bless to have 3 beautiful grandchildren and even more blessed to have my wonderful boys and daughter-in-law.  My daughter-in-law is the daughter-in-law that every mother wishes her son to find and marry.  While some daughter-in-laws may not like homemade gifts my daughter-in-law always goes out of her way to send me pictures of the children with the gifts that I send them.

What starts as material and thread when placed on those you love becomes a gift stitched with pure love.

Nothing warms a grandmother's heart quite like actually see the item she makes with love and care on the child it was made for.  The very day that my son and daughter-in-law received the package I sent them, my son called to tell me he liked the venison jerky that I put in there for him and Cara.  I don't know if he actually shared with Cara or not but he was supposed to.  It was only a matter of days after that I received the most adorable pictures sent to my phone from Cara.  It was the kids wearing their Christmas gifts and with the quilt I made for little Kali.

What mother could ask for more than that of a daughter-in-law?  I know at night I can sleep soundly knowing that my grand children have a wonderful mother and father and are loved without bounds by all of us.

I wouldn't trade Cara, my boys or my grand children for all money in the world.  My only wish and maybe even complaint is that they lived just a bit closer so I could see my little darlings a little more often and see them grow. 

I look forward to the rest of the year of getting update pictures of my growing grand kids and hopefully getting to actually see them in the summer since they just love playing with the animals on "Grandma's Farm"