The rains finally came!  Last year here in Texas we suffered a horrible drought that made keeping a garden near impossible.  The drought was so bad that it got to the point we would dream about rain and worry about what felt like a never ending drought.  But that all ended the day the rains started.  The wonderful thing is that they are still coming. 

The rain has been pretty steady for us recently.  It didn't rain for about a week and I started to worry that it would quickly go back to drought conditions but then a day or so ago it began to rain again and then again today.  we didn't have any of that crazy tormatic weather that usually comes along with the rain.  Instead it was the beautiful soft dripping rain that you love to hear on the roof on the days you don't have to work.  So, yes, we finally got rain!

You have to have rain when you have a homestead.  It's just not feasible to try to have a large garden and water it from the tap.  Not only that but everything grows bigger and better in the garden when it is watered with rain water.

So enough talk of the rain.  It cleared out last night anyway.....

Speaking of the garden, it is doing quite beautifully.  The squash is coming in in abundance and unlike the past when I was a new gardener and a new canner, I know what to do with all that squash.  I have already made squash bread, chocolate zucchini cake, zucchini pickles, sauteed zucchini and tomorrow I will make zucchini chips by thinly slicing the zucchini, seasoning it and then placing it on the dehydrator.  It will make a perfect snack for camping or just around the house.  I will put some of the recipes up with instructions and pics in the next few days.

It is wonderful to say "Gone are the days of being scared by excess produce from the garden". 

More garden talk...I do believe this year I will have the best harvest of potatoes yet.  A whole row seems to have done really well.  And that's a 40 foot row.  Not much by farming standards but great for me. 

The yard long green beans are just coming on and I just started picking them.  I can only  hope they will do as well t his year as they did last year.  I still have 3 cases of green beans from last years harvest that I canned up.  It will be wonderful to add at least that many more to the pantry.

I still have some cucumbers that need to go in the ground but I already have some that are producing that I will be able to can up for pickles.  Yummy!  There is nothing like home canned pickles. I will pickle just about anything that can be pickled.  My family and friends actually joke about the fact that I pickle so much.

I will keep you all posted as the garden continues to grow and produce and as we experiment with the different way to "put away" food for later.

Until then Happy Homesteading......