While things are always busy on our homestead the last couple of months have been even more so.  We were blessed yet again with a new Grand baby but this one is our first from our daughter Amanda and son-in-law J.T.  We were very excited to welcome little John Thomas Leverett the 5th to the family.

Not only is he our first from our daughter but he is also our only Grand child that lives in the State of Texas.  So we have already seen him more in the month that he has joined our little family than we have had the chance to see our other grand children in a year.

At 8 lbs he is a healthy bundle of joy and a very, very good natured baby.  His mothers says he sleeps good and really only fusses a little when he is hungry or wet.

Amanda has really gone above and beyond deciding to take the natural route with Little Tommy (who I nicknamed Smushly) from birth to after care.  Little Tommy was delivered by a midwife in a 100% drug free birth.  She has made the decision to breast feed and use cloth diapers.

We are so happy that we can look forward to many visits with our new little bundle of joy.  (In the picture above he is already 4 weeks old)

I look forward to helping provide fresh veggies for our little Smushly and all kinds of other wonderful things grown fresh on the homestead....to include wonderful memories.

So now you ask how is it that our family grew by one but our homestead grew by two?  Very simple.  We got a mini boyfriend for our little mini Nigerian Dwarf goat Malia.  We were concerned about her size and breeding her with a regular sized Nigerian Dwarf buck so I went on a search to find a mini buck for Malia.  I didn't have to look too far.  I decided to contact some of the people that I had sold bucks to in the past to see if any of them had one that was smaller than usual and sure enough it turns out that Malia was in luck.  Her Brother's second set of off springs produced a buck that was much smaller than the rest.  His name was Apollo and he was looking for a new home.  Perfect.

And so here he is, little Apollo.  He is still sweet as molassas but you know with bucks that may just be a show until he catches you unaware.  The only good part is at his size he can't do as much damage as his grandpa can.  And for his size his grandpa can do some damage when he wants to.

Of course the first thing Apollo did after being placed in the yard with 3 does is go after his grandma.  So I quickly moved his grandma and aunt to have a visit with Conrad.  Everyone was happy, well except Malia.  Conrad had Buckets and Tsarina, Apollo had Malia and Malia was saying what is wrong with this picture.  She did not like being left alone with Apollo while her Mom and aunt were moved over to Conrad.

Poor Apollo has done his best love song and still Malia won't give him the time of day.  She seems to have no interest in him at all.  I know it can happen from time to time but it just surprised me.  I will take Malia and Apollo to our cabin for a while and see if they don't get more friendly in a different setting.

We will just have to see if my little Mini Malia, or Mini Lia as we call her, will grow fonder of sweet little Apollo or not.  If they do grow "fond" I have to wonder what the little offspring of the two mini goats will look like.  I do not particularly want to breed smaller goats as Malia's belly is only a few inches off the ground as it is.  I am not sure if she will be able to be milked or not.  Ronnie says we should just put jacks under her to milk her.  I'm not so sure Malia would be a willing party in that.  I guess time will tell.

Regardless of what turns out with Malia and Apollo it is a blessing to have them with us and they make our homestead a much better place.  On most days anyway....

We Live, We Laugh, We Love, We Learn.....We Homestead.