A Wild Night on the New Homestead

Love! What's love got to do with it? Everything. It is for love that we do the things we do. We keep our grandkids for love. We dog sit the kid's dogs for love. We help our grandkids with homework and pick them up from school and all kinds of other things. All out of Love. So when the kids said "Hey Mom, Can you watch the kids while we run away to Hawaii for a week?" It was out of love that I said, "Yes". Of course, about halfway through the week I was questioning my sanity LOL.

I can deal with grandkids, no problem. Heck, I raised two boys and they both lived. But I tell you what, when you add all the right things together any situation can be trying. I love spending time with my grandkids. I love playing with my grandkids. But, after years of having grown kids, having them day in and day out for a week was way different. Preparing meals, keeping track of them, making sure homework is done, getting them up for school; all of that was a piece of cake until you added in the dogs. Our son, David, and daughter-in-law, Cara have three sweet dogs. Each individually has it's own charms and is no problem. Two of them are pretty well trained but the youngest not so much (in her defense she is still a pup at just 8 months old). Okay so now we have three darling grandkids and 3 sweet pups. Now add to that my two dogs. I couldn't leave them home all week while I was out at the New homestead with the grandkids. So...Now we have three darling grandkids and 5 sweet pups. But wait!!! We aren't finished adding yet. Add to the three darling grandkids and 5 sweet pups - three teenage chickens and two messy ducks. But that's nothing, right? Because at home I have 7 goats and 9 chickens so the ducks and chickens shouldn't be a problem. Well normally I would say you are correct but there was yet another circumstance added that made everything a scary mess....or several somethings actually. A series of storm systems came rolling through.

So on one night in particular everything came together to make a "perfect storm". I don't know if it was the sudden onset of Texas heat, as we hit over 90 for the first time this year, or what. I just know the kids and the dogs woke up on this day fit to be tied. Everyone was being borderline naughty. The kids were snipping at each other as they were getting ready for school and the dogs were growling at each other everytime one passed other. Two dogs in particular were making it known they just didn't want to mess with each other or even be in the same space. They usually do pretty well being together. Tempers were running high all around the homestead. I started to sound like a broken recording of "stop this", "don't do that" and "don't make me come over there". The squeals rang out of - she did that and he did this. Whew! Finally they are off to school! Suddenly Burr and Bella, one of mine and one of theirs, decided they didn't like the way the other looked at them. It was an attempt at a full out rumble. Oh no! I'm not gonna have none of that! Separate corners you go. Bad dog, bad dog.

Whew! finally peace and quiet. What? It can't already be almost noon and time to pick up the little one from school. Off we go and back in no time. "Grandma let's play the guessing game." Is it a dog? Nope. Is it a horse? Nope. Is it a mountain lion? Hee Hee Grandma your funny. Nope. Well what is it? It's a rainbow! Wow, how did I not get that?

I hear voices...okay they are not in my head, they are the other two kids jumping off the bus and screaming down the driveway. Oh Joy. Grandma I have 500 pages of homework. Okay, that's an exaggeration but it was a lot. I forgot to do this one at school and I forgot to do this one the night before and these got marked wrong when they are really all right. Ok, slow down. Let's look at this. It's really 6 pages of homework. We got this! Two hours later.....Please, Oh Please, just focus and let's finish the last question. (mingled in the homework were lots of can I haves and make her stops) Yes! we are done. Wow! Now it's time to make dinner. It's taco tuesday.

Off in the distance I hear a muted rumbling. Hmmm is one of the dogs hungry? Nope, that's thunder. I look out the window and it looks like a black wall off to the West. I call Ronnie and he says there is a storm heading our way so baton down the hatches. Oh great so now we have to deal with a storm on top of the stormy attitudes already on the homestead. It started to rain and then the wind picked up.....

The weather said the winds would get up to 70 miles an hour and there could be pretty good sized hail. The main part of the storm was to be centered, you guessed it, right over us. Well of course it will be right over us. That's just the kind of day we are having. The storm slowly moved in and sat over us for a little while. There was some wind and some hard rain, lightening and thunder but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It cleared out and got quiet. We enjoyed our tacos while the mood lifted and everyone chatted in friendly banter when all of the sudden the was a huge BOOM! It was thunder. Two of the dogs ran and hid and two started barking up a storm and snarking at each other again. Here we go again....I checked the radar and sure enough there was another system heading for us but didn't look as big as the last one. I better get all the dogs out for a potty run before it starts again. Out you go, all five of you. Do your business and I'll check on you in a few minutes. Tick, tock, tick, tock It's been about 5 minutes let me start rounding up the furry crew. In we go Bella, Burr, Dalilah, Toda and .....Zoey? Where is Zoey. Zoey!!!! She must be in the dog house. I'll get her after I clean the muddy paws on the four I already brought in. Paws cleaned, back to Zoey. Zoooeeeeyyy come in. Zoooooeeeeey come on girl. Zoey! Come out of that dog house, NOW! Okay let me get a flashlight. Flashlight in hand I go out in the mud to check the dog house. That's when I realize the roof to the dog house is not on the dog house. I bend over look in and nothing! No Zoey! Oh my gosh!!! Where is Zoey. Cara will kill me if I lose her dog. The skys open up and the rain pours down. I drudge through all the rain and mud looking for Zoey. Finally I go around to the front of the house and there is Zoey - sitting at the front door. Oh thank goodness Zoey you are all right. Poor thing! Bad dog!

I still had all the flashlights and lanterns at the ready and my son always has solar generators at the ready. We were ready if power went out. And so we sat through storm number two. Whew, It's calming down and it's time for bed. Thank you Jesus, a little quiet.

I sat at the kitchen table and soaked in the beauty of the quiet that surrounded me. Maybe I will just read a book for a while or write my blog....blink, blink, blink...I can't keep my eyes open. I guess I will just go to bed. I better say my prayers because tomorrow is another day. Awwww, the bed feels so good....Beep...Beep...Beep...what? Who? When? It's all a blur. It can't be morning. Ah but it is. It's 6:00 A.M. and time to get the rugrats up and ready to catch that bus again. Up, up, up...everybody let's go. Wait a minute something doesn't look right. Why does the shed look like that? Oh My! it seems in my exhausted sleep I didn't hear that last storm that came through and moved the shed and chicken coop. The chicken coop was still in one piece as were all the chickens but the shed didn't fair so well. I better go check it out....GRANDMA!!!! He won't stop. It wasn't me, it was her.....Oh Geez. I will check the shed after they are in school. Honey what are you doing? What do you mean you are using me for a chalkboard? Find your boots the mud is six inches deep. I don't know where your boot is. I didn't wear it. No I don't think the dog ate your boot and no your sister didn't hide it. Go and look for it! No sweety you can not wear sandles this morning it is muddy outside. No I will not carry you so that you can wear sandles. Put your boots on and take your.... Okay fine! Boot your puts on...Ugh I mean...Put your boots on and put your sandles in your backpack. You can wear them at school. Let's go, let's go, let's go the bus will be coming. Don't jump in every puddle you see. Don't jump in any puddles for that matter. Okay boots off and shoes on, here comes the bus. What do you mean you didnt bring your shoes. The bus driver is going to love you. Ah....do you hear that? The sound of nothing. The bus has taken them and I have a short reprieve.

Now it's time to go check that shed. Wow I am sure that leg shouldn't look like that. Man how did it pick up the shed with 5,000 pounds of concrete weighing it down? And how did I sleep through all that?

It was a wild night on the New Homestead! I am sure there will be many more to come but for now I will sit and sip my coffee and thank God that I am Grandma and not Mom and Dad.

Live, Love, Laugh, Learn.....It's what homesteading is about!