The Homestead Kid's Life is an amazing life full of wonder and challenges.

The most important thing in any kids life is love! I don't think we need a scientific study to tell us that love is very important for a child to grow up to be a loveing nuturing adult. This means there needs to be loving nurturing adults in the kid's life. But lots of kids have that in their life so what makes a homestead kid different than kids that don't grow up on a homestead? Wide open spaces and the ability to touch, learn and live experiences.

Is there a difference between country life and homesteading? Yes, there is. A lot of people live in the country in their McMansions with the paved driveways and satelite dish on the roof but their kids never get the experience of true simple living and the skills associated with living simply. It is more that just a simple is a way of life. A way of life that allows for skills to be passed down from generation to generation. The abiltiy to make and do things that can help you through life. And finally the ability to run free in open spaces to exprlore the beautiful world God has created for us. Every homestead is different as are the responsibilities of the kids on those homesteads. This blog will be about our kids (both kids and grandkids) and all the experiences they get to encounter in everyday life.

It's a fact the average homestead kid has chores. These chores are more than just make your bed and pick up your clothes. For a homestead to run smoothly everyone has to chip in. From the youngest to the oldest everyone has a part to play. On our homestead we have ducks, chickens, goats, lots of dogs and even some cats. That's a lot of mouths to feed everyday and someone has to make sure they are taken care of. The responsibilities are split on this chore between Jonathan and Ariyana. Ari feeds the chickens and ducks every day and makes sure that they have plenty of clean water. It get's hot here in Texas so water is even more important than food most days. Jonathan feeds the goats their treats and then later checks for eggs. He is also responsible for helping to clean out the barn and chicken coop when they need it.

Chris is responsible for feeding the cats and helping Dad take care of all stuff that needs taking care of around the homestead. Kali loves to help cooks (well really they all do) and she helps to keep the clothes folded and put away Jonathan and Ari love to help wash clothes, especially Jonathan. Washing clothes is something Jonathan sees as a privelege not a chore and that really helps out everyone on the homestead.

Kali loves to go with Papa to get firewood and load the kindling for him. Papa loves all the help she gives him.

So what do they do when there isn't school or chores to be done? When it's rainy outside or there is a special occassion coming up they do arts and crafts. Ari is very creative. Everyone gets to show their colorful side.

Four wheelers are always fun. They use them to explore the property and ride through mud.

Our Kids learn valuable skills that will help them now and later in life. Cooking is something the kids love and with grownup help they are enhancing this skill serveral days a week. One of the ways we do this is to have the kids do build a burrito night, or make you own pizza night. Each child, even the youngest, has something they can do to. Like with any kids, our kids want to do what we do. I love to make quilts and made one for each of the grandkids. Ari still has her baby quilt and learned on her own how to mend up areas that are coming apart. She also loves to repair her sister and brother's things that need mending.

One of the things we all enjoy as a family is shooting. The kids are learning that firearms are not toys but are to be respected and only used properly and with adult supervision. They are learning how important this right is among our American rights and how important it is that those rights be protected. They are learning that the responsibility to protect their rights to self-protection and for hunting will be theirs in the future.

These are just a few of the things we do everyday on the homestead. Gardening season brings more fun and more responsibilites. The skills they learn now will carry over through adulthood and with prayer and God's blessing our kids will grow up like their parents to be hardworking, responsible adults that love the life they have been given.

Join us as our kids grow and learn.

Live, Love, Laugh, Learn.....It's what homesteading is about!