Some times I can not believe the luck I have.

I was with my knitting group yesterday when the lady that provides instruction to those who need it asked if anyone was interested in some Mohair.  I asked her what she meant by mohair, as in ready to spin or ready to knit or ready for cleaning.  She said it was simply raw, just recently sheered mohair.


Appearantly a women that lives down the road from her has several angora goats she keeps at a property outside of town.  The lady had been shearing her goats but with the economy like it is she had been unable to get rid of it. 

Well, to make a long story short, she offered it to anyone in our group for 5.00 a pound or even less when purchasing large quantities.  As a group we decided to see how much she had and go in together to possible purchase all of it.  That should keep those of us that spin busy for quite a while too.  I purchased a 2 pound sample bag.

I was already picturing what it would look and feel like when blended with some of my merino fleece I have purchased.  Wow it is going to be awesome.   So now I must go wash some fleece.

Don't forget if you want to wash some fleece with us there is an article about preparing fleece for spinning and it covers washing your fleece.  Let's get going......