The Homestead Kid's Life is an amazing life full of wonder and challenges.

School is out and the fun has started. The kids are taking turns staying with me for a few days at a time (well it was more like a week for Ari LOL). The goal of these short stints is to give each one individual attention and to do things that are special and fun with them.

Each of the kids is so different from the others it is really fun to spend time with each of them. I get to share time and experiences with each of them that I hope and pray they will always remember. So that someday they will say "Do you remember when we did this with Grandma". Yeah that kind of thing.

The first one to come and stay was 8 year old Chris. Chris is a package of energy that is curious about everything that moves and doesn't move. He loves being outside and has been begging me for over a year to help him make his own fire kit like mine. You read that right a fire kit. What's a fire kit? It's a water proof box that contains a minimum of 4 ways to make fire without a lighter or matches. I explained to him the responsibility of owning such a kit and the requirement for adult supervision when using it and he said he understood. I had been waiting for this day!

The first thing we did, the day he arrived, was headed to the store to get the stuff we needed to make fire. We had a list that contained items like cotton balls, twine, a tube of carmex lip balm, flint and magnesium. We also needed a waterproof box to hold our fire making items as wet kit is no good. (chuckle chuckle). Of course while we were standing in the camping section staring at all the very cool stuff Chris spotted a small hatchet also. Well yes, a hatchet could be a very good fire making tool. You have to cut your twigs and firewood with something right. Another firm warning was issued from me to him and he gave another sincere acknowledgemet saying he understood it was only to be used in the proper manner and with proper adult supervision.

We spent the rest of the morning putting all the stuff together in the fire kit box and finally after lunch we went outside to start practicing. It took a lot of work and practice and everytime Chris thought his fire was actually going it would poof out. He never gave up. He scraped magnesium until his little hands were sore and even though I encouraged him to take a break he was determined he was going to make a fire before he was through with the day.

I was so proud of my grandson! He didn't quit when his little fire went out time and time again. He kept chopping kindling and trying one more thing and more more time. His stick-to-itiveness paid off. He made a great fire after 4 hours of standing over the grill trying.

All that work making fire made him very hungry for some chocolate turtle fudge brownies. Chris works hard, plays hard and he eats hard too. Chris loves to help bake. I think more because he wants to participate in the bowl scraping and spatula licking than anything else. He's a good helper at that too.

That night Chris and Papa had a bit of a wrestling match before he passed out for the night.

The following day we woke to pouring down rain but we wouldn't let a little rain and wet stop us. We headed to the covered back deck and chris entertained himself for hours using his ax to make me all sorts of wonderful gifts, like arrows and spears. Because every grandma needs good arrows and spears. We were just casually talking and all of the sudden Chris says "Here ya go grandma a spear for you in case you decide you want to get an animal for dinner or something". I cracked up laughing. I thanked him profusly and told him how happy I was to have an arrow in case I wanted to go catch an animal for dinner. Only boys!

Before we knew it the day had slipped away again and it was time to get cleaned up, make some dinner for Papa and head out to Wednesday evening bible study. Chris loves childrens church. He looks forward to learning and spending time with his friends. And I have to say he cleans up pretty good too. Our time was over so quickly I could only say "Thank God they live close enough that I can see them pretty much anytime I want". I missed so many years in their lives and I don't want to miss another important moment of their growing up.

Join us as our kids grow and learn. Next will be Ari's visit. Want to see more of the homestead life? Check out our YouTube Channel

Live, Love, Laugh, Learn.....It's what homesteading is about!