Today was one of those days with the chickens that makes you feel like you are on an Easter egg hunt.

For some strange reason the “girls” decided that laying in their nesting boxes was not necessary. A few days ago I noticed a startling decline in eggs until one day I went out and there were none.

I started to wonder if there wasn’t a freak of nature that caused every single chicken to go broody at the same time or maybe they all started molting. I was perplexed. Then I thought, just for the heck of it, I would walk around and look over and under things for the missing eggs.

I walked around the 1/3 acre that the chickens and goats share and looked under trees. I checked under the lawn mower and behind the chicken coop. Nothing. Finally, just for giggles I went into the goat house and something told me to move the crate that the goats sleep in and look behind it. I did and WOW, there were all the missing eggs; about a dozen in total.

The good thing is that we had very cool weather, not freezing but upper 30’s and 50’s so the eggs were basically refrigerated for those days. I collected all the eggs that day and we had breakfast for dinner that evening. So every day since I found the stash I have looked in that spot and found at least one egg there but the chickens have found new places since then too.

Today I found one behind the goat’s bed, one in the goat’s bed and one in an actual nesting box. Imagine that, laying in a nesting box. Our oldest chicken right now is going on 4 years old. She is the “Head Chick”, so to speak. I think she started this new eggs laying trend and all the others are following her lead.

I might have to have Jonathan, the chicken whisperer, have a talk with her to see what is going on.