You know every week I think this week must be the busiest week ever and then I go into the new week and that proves to be the busiest week ever......

This week Jonathan and I did some experiments with food.  We wanted to find new ways to use our dried sweet potatoes and we wanted to try our hand at dehydrating cheese.  The cheese was more my idea than Jonathan's because if Jonathan had his way there would be no storing or saving of cheese.

I wanted to try to dry cheese because, like any good homesteader, I like to have a little of everything on hand just in case

Wow, here it is 9:06 in the evening and I am just getting a chance to sit down.  I ran a little late getting the last of the fruit cut and in the dehydrator this evening....thanks to my goats.....

For those of you already running a homestead most of the daily blog will not be surprising or exciting.  But for those of you just thinking about branching out to homesteading or just beginning it might give you a better idea of what is coming.

So let's start out with what the plan was for today and then we can see just what I accomplished or if I fizzled out before the bottom of the list.

Today's plan was to use the rain barrels to water the garden with since we actually had rain earlier in the week.  I also wanted to complete the water filter test and trim the goat's hoof and linseed oil the sink/table and finally wash, disinfect and then linseed oil the milking stand.  Okay I will be truthful I had planned on also drying the peppers today but not sure that is going to happen.

I decided to start a new type of article/blog on our site to just keep everyone updated on the general day-to-day goings on of our homestead.  No, I am not going to post how I did laundry or how white I got my whites....unless I find a great secret to share about getting those whites white that would pertain to homesteading.

So we decided to pack up and take off to the new homestead last weekend.  It is so hot here in Central Texas that we thought the shade of East Texas would be a wonderful change.  Oh yeah, it was still going to be super hot but at least there are trees at the new homestead.

East Texas had been suffering from the drought just like the rest of Texas but not to the extreme we were suffering here in Central Texas.  I had several tasks that I wanted to accomplish while we were there this time to include deciding where we want our seasonal root cellar and where we would start the guest cabin.