It's hot!  I know I mentioned it before but this is one of the hottest Junes on record for Central Texas.  The temps are crossing 100 most days and this heat is about a month early for our area.  To top it off there is a constant breeze blowing.  Normally a constant breeze on a hot day would be good but in this case, at this particular time of year- canning time - it is not good because my outdoor canning kitchen is not closed in and the wind is interfering with the flame on my Camp Chef stove.

I've had a garden for about 5 years now.  Each year it gets a little bigger and I get a little better at it.  Each year I also learn that sometimes, no matter how hard I try, a certain crop may not make it.

As many of you homesteaders know daily life on the homestead can be very busy.  For those of you who are still contemplating the homesteading life get ready.  Homesteading is wonderful with many rewards but it is also a labor of love and when I say labor of love I mean LABOR of love.

My son and his family were here visiting for two weeks after a 5 year tour in Germany.  My granddaughter had not been here in over 2 years and it was the first visit for my grandson and youngest granddaughter.

It is hard to run a homestead without water.  You need water for your garden, the animals, the pastures.....everything.  We have been in a 7 month drought.  Oh we got a few dropletts here and there but not even enough to register on the rain gauge.