June 24, 2013 Burr Blogs

It's not all about work sometimes a dog has gotta just cut loose....

It is getting really hot here in Texas so Mom lets me spend the days stretched out on the ceramic tile floors in the heat of the afternoon up until it is time for me to go back on guard duty. 

June 12, 2013 Burr Blogs

It was a great Dog's day on the Backyard Homestead today....


So many people have dreams of having thier own homestead and all the animals that go along with it.  They dream of waking up on land that is their own, looking out to see chickens pecking around and goats playing in a field.  It is a beautiful dream and when it all comes together it can be a beautiful reality.

From the first day that Burr came into our lives we knew that he was a special puppy.  We weren't sure the day we rescued him, from that trailer in the middle of that hot Texas pasture, how but we new he would.

2012 was quite a year.  It was a year of joy and blessing.  Oh sure we had our share of trials and struggles, like any homesteaders, but we found that those trials only make us stronger as a family and as homesteaders.