From the first day that Burr came into our lives we knew that he was a special puppy.  We weren't sure the day we rescued him, from that trailer in the middle of that hot Texas pasture, how but we new he would.

Originally, the plan was to find a Great Pyrenees/Anatolian Shepherd mix that would take the role of livestock guardan to our Nigerian Dwarf goats and our laying hens that are free range.  That was the plan - to add a dog that would play a guardian role. 

Burr has fulfilled his role as guardian for the livestock and so much more.  He is a joyful clown in the family that entertains us by day and when told he is in charge and left to do his duties seriously takes on the role.

He is friendly and social when in a crowd and content and relaxed when hanging out at home.  Then stage two....when he is taken out to pull his guard duties he runs  his warning circle around the entire 1/3 acre that house the goats and chckens, all the while barking his presence to anyone or thing that may want to come and take advantage of one of his wards.  When he is in the house and I go some where shortly and leave Jonathan home I tell Burr he is in charge and the look on his face and the change in his demeaner say it all.  I know with all my heart that Burr would do everything he could to protect Jonathan because there is a love and respect that not just any animal can fulfill.

He is bright and funny all while being patient, loving, and protecting.  He has his absolutely rotten moments like a child thowing a tantrum when he insists on some attention.  He has his sneaky, she won't see me moments, when he sneaks his pillow from the bedrooms and places it on the couch in the formal living room and has himself a nap while I am gone.  For some families such things would not be acceptable but to know Burr is to love Burr.

The entire family has formed a bond with Burr.  The livestock have a relationship with him that is of annoyance and respect.  While the two older dairy goats put up with his antics at times the younger doe, we consider to be Burr personal pet.  She was born during his reign and they romp and play until she has had enough and hides from him.

People laugh at how he takes his paws and gathers her up to him as if protecting her.  At almost a year old she does not want such protection anymore.  Our buck pretty much ignores Burr as Burr tries everything to get attention from him.  Conrad is just not interested in Burr in any way, form or fashion.  Burr has a respect for Conrad that makes him never even tempted to rile Conrad up.

And so starts the introduction of the Burr Blogs.  As Burr has a story to tell on a regular basis this may just become a regular outlet for his antics...