June 12, 2013 Burr Blogs

It was a great Dog's day on the Backyard Homestead today....


One of those days that just makes you keep smiling.. We had a guys day on the homestead.  Yup, that's right.  Mom went to have coffee with a friend and Dad gave me the afternoon off.  It was great! 

Right after Mom pulled out of the driveway Dad came and got me from the backyard and let me go play on the other side of the fence where Mom never lets me go cause "she don't want me peeing all over her grapes and stuff".  Well Dad don't care he lets me pee on anything I want as long as it's outside and not in the actual garden bed.

So we trotted over to see Conrad.  Ol' Conrad thinks he's a tough little buck but he ain't as tough as he thinks.  At least not when I'm on this side of the fence with Dad.  Conrad and me had a good ol' staring contest and I tell you the awnry goat won that for sure.  He can stare ya down at 20 meters and never blink...not a wink I tell ya.  Really ol' Conrad ain't so bad.  He stays on his side and I stay on mine and we just stare at each other.  He always wins but it's the fun of the game.

After that Dad let me run around and hit every bush out front.  It was great.  I am telling ya a dog lives for these moments.

Well after a while even I have to give up and say I just can't do another single bush so we headed in the house to relax and just hang out.  Just us guys, Dad, my boy, Jonathan, and Me.

Dad let me lay up on the futon that Mom always nags at me if I even stick a paw on it.

I always give her my best "But it's just my paw look".  It never works.  But Dad, Dad lets me stretch all out and get comfortable.  When he hears Mom's car coming he warns me so I can hop down and make it look like I've been sleeping on the floor the whole time. 

Mom never knows the difference. 

After stretching out on the couch for a while I decided to try out some of Dad's weights....yeah, that's just too much work for a hard working dog like myself.  I figure I will just keep in shape chasing chickens, cornering possums and herding goats.  Yeah that pretty much means it's nap time again.  It's always a good time for a nap if I'm not on guard.  If I'm on duty then I don't nap.  I just make the other critters think I am napping so I can sneak up on 'em.  It is so great being a dog!

Then my boy, Jonathan, came in to see what I was doing.  I decided I would teach him how to shake paws.  The funny thing is no matter how many times I show him he never gives paw he just keeps saying "give me paw".  Seems like a smart boy like him would get it pretty quick to just give me one of his paws.  Oh well, I will keep trying.  I tell you that took a good 10 - 15 minutes and I was ready for a well earned nap after that.  Man, what a great day.  I sure miss Mom when she's gone but these guys days are great!  Well, time for my nap before night duty starts......