June 24, 2013 Burr Blogs

It's not all about work sometimes a dog has gotta just cut loose....

It is getting really hot here in Texas so Mom lets me spend the days stretched out on the ceramic tile floors in the heat of the afternoon up until it is time for me to go back on guard duty. 

Some days I am just so pooped from all the watching and guarding that I just come in the house and literally collapse from exhaustion.  On hot days I can practically sleep the whole afternoon away trying to recover from the night shift and my early morning shift too.

Last evening was an especially a long and hot night.  The temps got to be nearly 100 degrees that day and it seemed like the heat was just holding on in the evening too.  It was sooo hot the snakes couldn't even sleep.  Yup, that's what I said - the snakes.  I was outside just lounging around after my ferocious warning lap of the yard.  I was keeping a close eye on Malia because she was  being especially rambunctious.  She was getting into trees knocking stuff over in the barn and just out right acting like a spoiled brat.  When she gets like that she is hard to keep an eye on.  So anyway, I was laying there trying to watch Malia when I noticed something move.  It was too short to be anything that I normally keep an eye on so I knew it  had to be an intruder.  But wait!  I hadn't see anything that look like this before.  I was long and it had no legs.  It didn't really crawl it kinda slithered.  You could barely see it but I have those super puppy eyes and my super nose that Mom calls my "puppalupagus nose".  I thought about running over there and catching it but then I decided I better alert Mom and Dad that something wasn't right.  I sounded my best "Hey Y'all, something ain't right here" bark yet.  Mom came running and when she saw it she yelled for me to stay back.  I knew that meant it was probably not good news so I herded up all the animals and made them go into the barn.  Tsarina, the goat, wasn't happy that she had to stop grazing but she did it.  After I had em all herded into the barn I turned to look and Mom was running to the house telling Dad he needed to come "take care of it".  Finally, when Dad came out I found out it was called a snake.  Dad said it was a rat snake not a chicken snake. 

Whew that made me feel better.  I may give them chickens a hard time but I am pretty fond of most of them, especially Omlett.  Heck even Thomas is an okay chicken now.  He used to scare the crud out of me when I was a pup.  Always chasing me back to the fence anytime I tried to play with the chickens but now he's alright. He don't chase me no more and every now and then he even lets me chase him. 

But anyway, Dad got the no legged critter out of the backyard and I don't know what he done with it but all the goats and chickens came back out of the barn and went back to eating and playing.  Life was back to normal.  Heck I though the night when that ol' possum got in the yard was going to be the most exciting.  I guess I am just starting to find out some of the excitement that might come along when I'm on duty. 

Well at least I don't have to worry about getting bored.  Well When it came time to go in the house I was really wanting to play with Dad.  Dad kept saying something about a book and something called reading but it didn't look very exciting to me so I figured if I just kept at it he would play.  He tried hard to ignore me but I wasn't having none of it.

I jumped on top of him and said "Say uncle"  Dad tried to play like he was annoyed but I knew he didn't really want to look at that book thing so I just kept on sitting on him until he put the thing down.

Then we had some good old boy wrestling time.  It's great when Dad plays like that cause Mom never plays like that.  She's all about being good and having manners and not playing rough.  You know all the stuff that is hard us us boy dogs but we do it cause we love our Moms.

Well, as usual, Mom came walking in and told Dad that he was teaching me bad habits and that I needed to behave like a "good pup".  Dang it!  I just wanna cut loose.  But I decided I would show Mom that I can be a very good boy and that I can even sit on the futon just like Dad does.  I knew that would loosen her up.  Well ya know that just melted her like putty so I just kept playing it from that point and gave her my big 'ol goofy grin and my teeth all showing cheesy smile.  She can't help but love me and give me my way.  That's what it's all about!  It's a dog's life......