There are so many wonderful colors in nature that make us want to imitate them.  The fact is we don't have to imitate them we can use nature's colors. A recent experiment I did using beets for natural dyeing illustrates this fact.

Once I learned how to spin wool I wanted to know how to process a fleece from beginning to end.  Yeah I know but that's how I am, I have to know how things work.

This article builds on the article titled "Preparation of Raw Fleece Part I "  In part one we covered the scouring of a raw targhee fleece.  Now you have a clean fleece but it sure does not look like yarn or anything that you could make into yarn.  It looks cleaner but it still has vegetation in it and it is kinda clumpy and stuff.  Fear not, we will tackle the fleece and turn it into roving that will be ready to spin :)