Recently I dehydrated about 20 pounds of apples.  I peel and core my apples before dehydrating them so that made for a lot peels and cores.  They would never go to waste because we have the goats and chickens that love to have them as a treat but I just couldn't help thinking there had to be a way to use them to make a tastey treat that we could eat.  Especially since much of the vitamins are in the peels and core of the apple.  I decided to start experimenting and this is a tastey little treat that I came up with.  Yes, it uses the entire peel and core, seeds and all.  If you like you can remove the seeds but I leave them in.

So you grown most of your food, raise your own meat ( or at least beginning to) You knit.  You spin.  You bake. You even heat your home with wood and maybe even light your house with solar.  You are the all around homesteader.  Well almost.  What do I mean almost?  Well if you are still buying you laundry detergent/Soap then you are not quite there.  It's time to start making your own laundry detergent.