Running a homestead is hard work.  That simple statement says a lot.  On a daily basis a homesteader must ensure that livestock and gardens are cared for and that includes ensuring that everything has enough water.  Sounds like a simple enough task right?  Well, not always.  In Texas, as I am sure is the same with many states, it is either feast or famine when it comes to rain.  In the area of Texas that we are located we do get a decent amount of rain, as Texas goes, but we often go for 2 months or more without seeing even a drop of the life saving liquid.

Any homestead, home or apartment could end up without water for one reason or another at any time.  There are circumstances in which you would need to have water on hand for your usage because water is not coming out of the customary pipes that you are used to.  When and if it does happen you will need water for your daily living needs.  Are you prepared for such a circumstance?

For quite a while I've been wanting a portable power generator that we could use to power a few essential items during an extended power outage. Problem is, I haven't been willing to fork over the cash. Then I noticed that Harbor Freight has an 800 watt generator that currently retails for $149.95 but can frequently be had for much cheaper. In my case, my wife found a coupon for $89.95.

Now 800 watts isn't a whole lot of power; what I really want for a portable emergency power generator is something in the 3000 to 5000 watt range. But I reasoned that  800 watts of power beats the heck out of zero watts. So, after visiting the Harbor Freight website and reading the customer reviews for this generator, I decided to give it a try.


So you have a wonderful all electric house with all the modern conveniences available.  You have the latest LG refrigerator, wonderful flat-top stove, electric central heat and a house full of those new CFL bulbs.  Everything is so convenient until...........the first storm comes along and knocks out the power.  Now what do you do?  Are you prepared for this type of event or are you the person that says it will never happen to me and even if the power does go out it will be back on before ya know it.