I was blessed this year with an abundance of zucchini.  I had already been pickling it, dehydrating it and pressure canned some too.  I just happen to also have an abundance of tomatoes at this time also.  It was while my granddaughter was here visiting that had some tomatoes that needed to be preserved before we went on a grandma/granddaughter trip the next day.  I remembered that my grandmother used to can tomatoes with zucchini when I was visiting her as a child.  That was the ticket !  I would can them together and get the counter cleaned off of zucchini and tomatoes before our little trip.  I am looking forward to using these this winter to make all kinds of wonderful soups and sauces.

Pressure Canned Tomatoes and Zucchini - makes 7 quarts

It's that time of year again.  The time of year that you have 20 to 30 squash of various variaties sitting on your counter just waiting to be used.  So you sautee' it, you fry it, you boil it.  And then you look and there are 20 more from today's harvest.  That's why dehydrating is so important this time of year.  Zucchini is one of those spring and summer bounties that just don't can well because they get so mushy so we dehydrate it.   Sure you can just slice it and dehydrate it with no special treatment and it tastes just fine and it great for snacking and for throwing into pasta sauces and much more.  But what if.......

Something happened to me the other day that made me think that I should really share some information just in case there are a few people out there that do not know about the dangers of improperly canned foods.  At this time I am talking about home canned foods but it can also happen with store-bought can food.

A friend of mine gave me some sourdough starter so of course I had to make some bread.  Jonathan and I got to grinding and before you knew it we had enough flour to make a mincemeat pie and some homemade bread.  What more could you ask for. 

We have gone hunting several times this year and on the last trip we had great success.  We ended up with three deer between two families.  As always we shared the harvest.  This success and sharing can be overwhelming upon initially returning home and being faced with the butchering of 1 1/2 deer.  I try to think of how I want to preserve the venison as we are on the way home so the following day I can get busy and be prepared with a plan.