I like to have butter in my emergency stores and also when we go camping.  What I do not like is paying over 20.00 for canned butter for some company on the Internet.  So when the goats are producing at rates that allow for extra butter or when there is a great sale on great butter then I can it up to make sure I have butter all the time - with or without refrigeration.

A friend of mine was going out of town for a while and very casually asked if I would like some persimmons since they would be gone about a month and were afraid they would spoil.  I graciously accepted the offer thinking a small bucket or basket of persimmons would be nice.  I had only eaten persimmons a few times in my life but I do like them.  I have a native persimmon tree in my back yard but between the goats and chickens I rarely get any of them.  One thing I knew for sure was I would probably get to dehydrate some persimmons for the first time.

Every homesteader that cans on a regular basis knows that one of the expenses with canning that keeps recurring is the purchasing of canning lids.  We can reuse the jars.  We can reuse the bands but not the lids.  Well, that was until now.  Tattler came out with some reusable canning lids with rubber seals that can be washed and reused. 

With watermelon it seems I either get feast or famine.  One year I get just a few watermelon that really don't taste great at all, and another year I will have so much watermelon I get the urge to run the other direction when I see another one developing on the vine.  One year I had so much watermelon I kept some in my car at all times so I could give them away to anyone that was willing to accept it.

These Oatmeal apple raisin cookies came about when they guys asked me to make some cookies the other night and I told them if they would grind the flour then I would make the cookies.  They got to grinding pretty quick.  These cookies do have a lot of stuff in them but it is kind of one of those recipes that you can play with and make it what  you want it to be.  I named them kitchen sink cookies because Ronnie asked me what they had in them and when I started listing off he said everything but the kitchen sink.........