I will tell you up front the idea to dry cheese was a bit of an experiment because I was not sure, with the fat content in some cheeses, if it would work.  My goal was to see if I could dehydrate cheddar cheese for later use and for camping.  If I make cheese or buy cheese it is always in bulk so I can vacuum seal it or freeze it, but I still have to use power to store it (as in the frig or freezer). 

I love to can green beans but sometimes I have a need or a want for dried green beans.  A perfect example of  a need for dried green beans is to make camping or backpacking food.  Dried foods are definitely lighter than carrying jars of canned foods.  It is also nice to have some dried/dehydrated veggies on hand for making quick soups, stews or whatever your fancy is to use veggies.  They take of very little space and store easily on a shelf, in a backpack or in an emergency kit.

Drying green beans is also a good alternative when you do not have enough green beans to can.   You want to can and dry when your produce is at it's freshest so some times I will take small quantities of different produce and just dry it for later use.

This was my test recipe for using some of the sweet potato flour, made from last season's sweet potatoes, that Jonathan and I ground as a test.  It was one yummy-tasting test result.

Whether you have goats or you have cows there are times when you find yourself with more milk than you can drink. 

When you have dairy goats you will be amazed how much you can do with the milk.  Since we started milking the goats we no longer buy milk, cream, yogurt, butter, soft cheese or mozzerella.  One of the easiest things to make is butter.