This is a yummy way to use dehydrated or fresh sweet potatoes.  Ronnie and Jonathan love these pancakes especially when drizzled with a little Sorghum Syrup.  These sweet potato pancakes are much more filling than your normal pancake.

Every year I keep one or two sweet potatoes wrapped in newspaper to use the following spring for sweet potato sprigs.  I am almost always repaid with a wonderful crop of large, sweet, sweet potatoes.  As with everything else that we get a wonderful harvest of, I have to figure out the best way to store it to allow for the best usage of space and capabilities we have on hand.

This master sweet dough recipe isn't really about preserving food, but it is a great basic recipe to have on hand for making alot of wonderful treats, from cinnamon rolls to sweet rolls to whatever your imagination can think of.........

This is a really great recipe for using left over tomato peels and whatever else if left over after making tomato puree or veggie juice.  My husband and son say these crisps taste like dehydrated V-8.

In Texas a sun oven can be used about 80% of the year for cooking and baking.  Sometimes it gets so hot here you could probably just toss the food outside and it would cook without an oven, stove or additional heat at all.  So what does this have to do with dehydrating tomatoes?  Everything.