I had just canned a pretty good batch of tomatoes last week and this week the tomatoe harvast has started slowing down.  I didn't want to can up such a small batch nor did I want to run the dehydrator for them either.  I had thought about using the sun oven again but I had t tied up with other stuff today.  That left just one option - sun drying the tomatoes.

This is an awesome recipe that I like to use to can up some of the tons of tomatoes we get each summer.  I like to use this recipe for a starter for quick meals and to start spaghetti sauce if I run out of my own canned spaghetti sauce.  I like to double or triple this recipe.

Italian Tomato Sauce

At the age of 87 my Grandmother stopped canning and handed down her Mr. Squeezo strainer to me. 

This is one of my favorite ways to use our abundance of summer squash and what a sweet way it is!  I don't remember where I found this recipe but I have had it for years and we love it.  This cake also freezes very well so you can bake up a pan and freeze half for a future treat.  The original recipe said it was a summer squash bread but it is way too good to call a bread.

This is one of my favorite ways to use our abundance of zucchini. It's a way to have your veggies and cake too.  Okay so it's really not healthy in the true sense of healthy but it is a 'healthier' form of cake, if that is possible.  Regardless of healthy or not it is a great recipe my family loves and it's easy to make.