You've heard the old addage of having your cake and eating it too.  Well, this is the best way to eat your veggies and get your cookies too.  These moist, cake-like cookies are fun and easy to make using the power of the sun and your sun oven.

It's getting pretty hot here in Texas and on the Backyard Homestead.  We had some wonderful rains for spring but as Summer came around the corner the typical dry heat of Texas came with it.  While the temps were mild and the rain was good our peas were doing marvelous.  I was picking bags of peas every day.  Each year as the harvest comes in I decide if I want to dehydrate, can or freeze each product.  The weather decided the process I would use for me this year as it was so humid dehydrating wasn't really an option.  While there seemed a lot of peas when I finished shelling them I quickly determined that this would be a freezing day.  And so it was that I proceeded to prepare the peas for freezer storage.  If you have freezer space freezing peas is a fast and simple way to preserve your peas for later use.

Beets.  Beautiful, colorful beets.  My whole family loves beets in just about any form they can get them.  Roasted, boiled, pickled it doesn't matter they love beets.  We love beets so much we like to have some on hand so we can eat them even when it is not beet season.  We pickle a lot of beets every years but sometime you want a beet that is not pickled and it's out of season.  That's when you go for the dehydrated beets.  I like to rehydrate them, drizzle them with olive oil and roast them.  Or sometimes I take the dried beets and grind them to use them for flavoring or coloring in other recipes.  They are also great just dry with a little dip if you slice them thin enough.  Your imagination is the only limitation with dehydrated beets. 

It is amazing how many seeds you can get from one non-gmo green pepper.  I have been able to plant peppers for the last 5 years without buying a seed thanks to the seeds I started keeping 5 years ago and have kept every year since then. 

I have found that green peppers take very little to grow.  I give my peppers absolutely no special attentions and when blessed with only an occassional rain they grow pretty abundantly.  Abundantly is the key word here.  Between my peppers and the peppers my friend gives me every year I have plenty of peppers to dehydrate and use throughout the year.  The abundance also allows for me to share with all my friends and family that would like dehydrated peppers. 

Isn't the thought of a nice stir fry in the middle of the winter with  your home grown peppers just a wonderful thought?

Luckily dehydrating green peppers is one of the easiest thing you will probably ever do.

Drunken Pears - A kicked up version of Spirited Pears

This is the first year that our dwarf pear trees have produced really well.  We had a beautiful harvest of pears that I happily preserved for eating later in the year when fruit is scarce on the homestead.