Anyone who has been dehydrating for a while will tell you that you need something to cover your dehydrator trays when you are drying fruit leathers, liquids or anything else that could fall or ooze between the holes of the mess sheets. 

There are options out there.  There are disposable options and reusable options.

Have you ever come across a great sale on produce but thought you couldn't buy it becuase you have not place to store all those carrots in the frig or more jars on your shelves?  I know we all hate to admit it but there does come a time when there is just no more space for storage.  If you tried to store another 40 pounds of carrots your shelves might fall in. 

At times like that it's time to dehydrate and take it even one step further and powder your dehydrated produce.  It works really great on foods like sweet potatoes and carrots.  Because we all know there are hundreds of things to do with carrots and sweet potatoes.

Powdered carrots are great to keep in storage becuase it turns that 40 pounds of carrots into literally ounces.  They are great to use as baby food, sneak veggies into your kids food and even just mix them up and eat them plain.  They are just yummy.

I have owned my Excalibur 9-tray food dehydrator for just over 3 years now.  I use my dehydrator on a pretty regular basis as I do a lot of dehydrating of not just garden produce but also leftovers and store bought food purchased on sale.  After that many years of ownership and use I figured it was time to do a review of my Excalibur.

Apples are a great, natural, healthy snack.  They can be sweet, tart, sweet and tart, dry, juicy and crisp.  Apples are just plain tasty.  The only problem is here in Texas they just don't store very well.