It is amazing how many seeds you can get from one non-gmo green pepper.  I have been able to plant peppers for the last 5 years without buying a seed thanks to the seeds I started keeping 5 years ago and have kept every year since then. 

I have found that green peppers take very little to grow.  I give my peppers absolutely no special attentions and when blessed with only an occassional rain they grow pretty abundantly.  Abundantly is the key word here.  Between my peppers and the peppers my friend gives me every year I have plenty of peppers to dehydrate and use throughout the year.  The abundance also allows for me to share with all my friends and family that would like dehydrated peppers. 

Isn't the thought of a nice stir fry in the middle of the winter with  your home grown peppers just a wonderful thought?

Luckily dehydrating green peppers is one of the easiest thing you will probably ever do.

Green peppers just don't store well over the winter so if you want to have green peppers for the winter you will need to can them, pickle them or dehydrate them.  Dehydrating is definitely the easiest method and veratile for later use too.  

Here's what you need for drying green peppers:

  • Green peppers - It is best to preserve them when they are at their freshest.
  • a dehydrator or oven
  • paring knife
  • colindar

That's pretty much all you need so let's get started. 

Step 1:  Wash the peppers in the colindar.










Step 2:  Cut the stems off and put in compost


Step 3:  Cut peppers in half and remove all the seeds - if they are heirloom peppers now is a good time to save the seeds.


Step 4:  Slice the peppers about 1/4 inch thick (you can dice then also if you would like.  It just depends on what you invision using them for in the future as to how you will cut them.


Step 5:  dehydrate at 125 degrees until completely dry although they may still be a little flexible.  This usually takes about 6 to 8 hours depending on the humidity in the air.


Step 6:  When dry either place in Mason jars for storage or if you have a food sealer you can seal them. 


That's it now you have peppers for the winter and on through the spring until you can grow another batch and start them all over again.

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