Anyone who has been dehydrating for a while will tell you that you need something to cover your dehydrator trays when you are drying fruit leathers, liquids or anything else that could fall or ooze between the holes of the mess sheets. 

There are options out there.  There are disposable options and reusable options.

 Let's look at some of the disposable options first -

The most popular disposable option is parchment paper.  It works...but it is not always as nonstick as you want it to be.  I have had instances when I used parchment paper and instead of letting the item constrict, as it will when drying, it clung to the parchment paper and practically crumpled in the the dehydrator.  As you can see in the photo, on this occasion the parchment paper ripped when the carrot puree was drying.  But in all honesty most of the time it works okay.  So why not just use parchment paper?  Reusability.  Is that even a word?  I like to have things that I will always have on hand and have the ability to use them again.  

I have on occasion even used paper towels in my dehydrator - such as when dehydrating cheese.  That was a true learning experience.  For most things and for obvious reasons paper towels are not an optimal options.

Freezer paper could be used also, although I have to say I have never used it in my dehydrator simply because I usually don't have it on hand.  It has a waxy type coating on one side so you would have to be careful of temperature but it might actually work.

The biggest problem with all of these items is their limitations and their repeated costs.

The reusable options -

So what is the best option for nonstick dehydrating that is reusable and safe to use?  Hands down - Paraflexx.  Paraflexx gives you the ability to dehydrate all your favorites - fruit rolls, mash potatoes, rice and anything else that would potentially fall through the mesh screens on your trays.  Everything comes right off.  I have never had anything that stuck to my Paraflexx sheets.  Everything literally slides right off.  I can not tell you how easy clean up is.  The Paraflexx sheets just wipe right off.  Storage is another plus to these great sheets.  After cleaning and allowing them to dry you can simply roll them up and store them in any drawer.  They take up very little space.  Because they are reusable you have them on hand when you need them.

I have had my Paraflexx sheets for almost 3 years and they are still going strong.  Don't be fooled by the fakes though.  The fake nonstick sheets that come up when you do a  Paraflexx search are not the same quality as the Paraflexx and won't last you nearly as long.  The imposter sheets can begin to peel and thus can end up in you food.  You will know you have the real Paraflexx sheets because they have Excalibur written on them.  There will be no doubt if you have the "real deal".

One of the questions I have seen most often asked about the Paraflexx sheets is what are they coated with?  What is that coating that makes them  nonstick?  The premium Paraflexx are made with a PTFE coating which is commonly known as Teflon.  Teflon is safe to use in temperatures of 260 degrees and lower.  When dehydrating your temperatures never get anywhere close to that.    The Ultra Paraflexx sheets are Teflon free, they use silicon.  The Ultra Paraflexx sheets are double duty because they can be used in the oven as well as the dehydrator.

Make your next dehydrating day a super success and clean up a breeze with your own Paraflexx sheets.