This is a really great recipe for using left over tomato peels and whatever else if left over after making tomato puree or veggie juice.  My husband and son say these crisps taste like dehydrated V-8.

Unfortunately, I am not one of those exact measurement people so when I make a recipe "by accident" that comes out pretty good then I have to try to recreate it later and keep track of what I did.........


This one actually came about because I steamed some veggie juice (kinda like V-8) and when the steaming process what done there were all those steamed veggies just sitting there in the strainer begging to be used..............Well the begging worked so I threw the steamed veggies in the blender and pureed them and them put them in the dehydrator on my paraflexx sheets.

So here is what you will need:  (Keep in mind the veggies are left over after steaming them for juice but you can also just steam up the left overs from your tomato puree with some other left over veggies too).

Okay here's what mine had in it (roughly) when I steamed the veggies for juice -

5 pounds tomato - cut into halves or quarters

1 pound celery - cut into pieces including leaves

3 or 4 medium carrots

2 medium onions

2 cloves of garlic

salt (optional)

Flax seed (optional)

Steamed for 60 minutes in a steam juicer.  I canned the juice with 1/2 inch head space for 35 minutes for pints, 50 minutes for quarts, Lemon 1 Tbsp per pint or 2 Tbsp per quart.

Now for what's left over after you have your juice............Take the hot steamed veggies and put them in a food processor or blender and puree them till smooth.  Now just spread them out on the paraflexx sheets or similar item of your dehydrator (plastic wrap will also work to line your trays if that is what you have handy).  Once I have them spread on the sheets I sprinkle mine with flax seeds.  Dehydrate on 105 degrees until crispy.  Remember to make your edges a little thicker than the center of your puree on the sheets because the edges will dry faster.  It usually takes at least 6 hours for mine to dry.  Sometimes I will do the juicing in the evening and then let them dry overnight for 7 - 8 hours and they are always fine that way too.  These are really great crisps to snack on at anytime and good for you too.  I vacuum seal some of every batch so I have some on hand at all times.  They are a great 'pack and go' snack for trips too.

dehydrated vacuum sealed veggie crisps

Tip:  These could be re-hydrated in an emergency to make a paste also or added to soups.  Use your imagination, the uses for these things are many. 

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