I love to can green beans but sometimes I have a need or a want for dried green beans.  A perfect example of  a need for dried green beans is to make camping or backpacking food.  Dried foods are definitely lighter than carrying jars of canned foods.  It is also nice to have some dried/dehydrated veggies on hand for making quick soups, stews or whatever your fancy is to use veggies.  They take of very little space and store easily on a shelf, in a backpack or in an emergency kit.

Drying green beans is also a good alternative when you do not have enough green beans to can.   You want to can and dry when your produce is at it's freshest so some times I will take small quantities of different produce and just dry it for later use.

What you will need or what I used anyway -

a pot to quick cook or steam your green beans (I steamed mine but you can just quickly drop them in boiling water too if you don't have a steamer pot)

A colander or strainer

A dehydrator

A clean towel

Large bowel and cold water or ice

Green beans, I had about 3 pounds that day

Okay let's get started.....

Start your water to get it boiling





Wash your green beans.  I do this in a colander to make it easier to drain the water

Trim the ends of the green beans and destring them if necessary

Rinse the beans again

Now if you are using a steamer toss the beans in the steamer and steam about 3 - 5 minutes.  You don't want them soft.  As soon as you see the color getting then quickly remove them and drop them into cold or ice water to stop the cooking process.

Once they are cooled down put your beans on your clean dry towel to remove any excess moisture.



Now spread the beans evenly on your drying trays.






Set the dehydrator to 125 to 135 degrees






Dehydrate until the beans are crisp or brittle.  You want no moisture at all when you try to bend your beans they should snap.


Now store them in mason jars or any jar with an airtight lid or vacuum seal the for long term storage.

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