You've heard the old addage of having your cake and eating it too.  Well, this is the best way to eat your veggies and get your cookies too.  These moist, cake-like cookies are fun and easy to make using the power of the sun and your sun oven.

A friend of mine gave me some sourdough starter so of course I had to make some bread.  Jonathan and I got to grinding and before you knew it we had enough flour to make a mincemeat pie and some homemade bread.  What more could you ask for. 

We have gone hunting several times this year and on the last trip we had great success.  We ended up with three deer between two families.  As always we shared the harvest.  This success and sharing can be overwhelming upon initially returning home and being faced with the butchering of 1 1/2 deer.  I try to think of how I want to preserve the venison as we are on the way home so the following day I can get busy and be prepared with a plan.

These Oatmeal apple raisin cookies came about when they guys asked me to make some cookies the other night and I told them if they would grind the flour then I would make the cookies.  They got to grinding pretty quick.  These cookies do have a lot of stuff in them but it is kind of one of those recipes that you can play with and make it what  you want it to be.  I named them kitchen sink cookies because Ronnie asked me what they had in them and when I started listing off he said everything but the kitchen sink.........

This was my test recipe for using some of the sweet potato flour, made from last season's sweet potatoes, that Jonathan and I ground as a test.  It was one yummy-tasting test result.