We have gone hunting several times this year and on the last trip we had great success.  We ended up with three deer between two families.  As always we shared the harvest.  This success and sharing can be overwhelming upon initially returning home and being faced with the butchering of 1 1/2 deer.  I try to think of how I want to preserve the venison as we are on the way home so the following day I can get busy and be prepared with a plan.






On the last hunting trip the property owner's wife made these wonderful venison burgers that were so flavorful it was an explosion of flavor to the taste buds.  Yes, it really was that good. 

Now let me start by saying what some people that have already prepared ground venison in the past already know, you need to mix your venison with some pork or something that has a little fat in it or it won't hold together.  The reason ground venison won't hold together is because it is so lean.  There just isn't enough fat in it to make a buger hold together. 

Well this lady actually took venison and ground it with bacon rather than with plain pork and WOW what a difference.  Now don't get me wrong, I like ground venison plain when I am not making burgers and I like it mixed with pork just fine too when I am making burgers.  But man, oh man, these venison bacon burgers are just awsome.

Let's make some venison bacon burgers -

What you will need -

Venison (Use what ever venison pieces you would normally use for ground venison )

Bacon ( your choice)

You will want to use a ratio of 70 percent venison and 30 percent bacon

Cut your raw bacon into lengths of about 2 inchs or less

Cut your venison into cubes or strips of about the same size (I use the stuff that is trimmed off roasts etc)

Now just grind your venison with the bacon mixed in.

 (Yes I hand grind my meats.  The grinder is from my grandmother and still works like a charm)

Once it is all ground just mix it up again so you can make sure the bacon is evenly distributed. 


I then package it up in one pound packages in freezer paper.


When you get ready to make one of these awsome venison bacon burger don't skimp on the buns.  They are so awsome you need a great bun to accompany them.