This may sound like a silly questions to some people but once you know the answer or once you have been homesteading for a while you will find you didn't really know the answer before.....How many chickens does it take to get one egg?

Yesterday was a really big day for the Hudgens Homestead.  We finally butchered our first chickens.  It was only a couple of chickens because we kind of wanted to get our feet wet before we dove in all the way.

Ronnie and I had been talking about buying some chicks for meat this year.  We couldn't make up our minds what breed we wanted.  I asked several people what they prefer and got a different answer from each person.  Basically, I knew what I didn't want.  I did not want any of those that are breed to grow so fast they do the "squack and flop" and basically do nothing but sit at the feeder and eat until it's legs can't hold it's own weight.