We had a very exciting evening on the homestead yesterday evening!  Tsarina decided to kid early.  I took our little livestock guardian "in training" out for a potty break and then some quality time with his charges  and that is when I heard the familiar call of Tsarina.  It wasn't the normal bossy calling, that Tsarina is known for, but rather a deep and desperate call like she needed me.

Burr and I ran to see what was going on and we was just staring to deliver the first kid.  Tsarina is not a first time freshener she had kidded before and had no  problems at all.  But this time it just didn't seem the same.  First off, she was so much larger this time that I just knew she was going to have at least triplets and she was kidding early.  Not just a day or two but by my records about 2 weeks early.  I had marked on the calendar and in the "goat log" when Conrad had made his visit with the girls.

Speaking of Conrad - even though he is separated on the other side of the yard he hear the commotion and seemed quite concerned over what was going on on the far side of the homestead.  He was very loudly letting us know that he was there.

Kid number one was a pretty good sized fella for being early, though he wasn't even close to the size of Tsarina's last kids.  She started cleaning him and he was up and moving pretty well and pretty quickly.

Then she made that sound again and her face kind of contorted and she started to deliver the second one.  When he came out he was smaller than the first but still decent size for a Nigerian Dwarf goat.

Tsarina seemed exhausted at this point.  She cleaned the little guy off a little but she didn't put a lot of effort into it and she just seemed like she was just worn out.  I know I keep comparing to the last time she kidded but last time she literally dropped those kids out and was up and going in no time, as were her kids.

The second little guy did finally get himself up and I helped to clean him up a little better and clean his face off so he could breath better.  My poor Tsarina was exhausted....

She was standing there but she was looking like she just wanted to drop down and pass out.  And then there came that sound yet again!  This time she birthed a very tiny little one and made no effort to clear it at all.  She just dropped to the ground like she just couldn't do any more.  The poor tiny one was still completely in the placenta sack so I got it out and was trying to clean it off but it couldn't breath.  It had fluid and goop in it's nose and mouth.  I quickly called for someone to bring me a suction bulb.  I wrapped it in a towel, suctioned out it's little nose and then scooped some goop out of its mouth and kept trying to rub it to circulate it's blood.  Tsarina was watching the whole time and bleating with concern. 

Finally, the little one managed to take a breath that sounded semi-clear and let out the tiniest of bleats.  A little more rubbing and one more clearing of passages and out came a pretty decent bleat for such a tiny creature.  I held for a second and then placed it by Tsarina to see if Tsarina would care for it or if I would have to bottle feed the babe. 

To my surprise, Tsarina immediately took over cleaning the little one.  Once Tsarina had done a pretty good job of clearing the little one I took the chance to take a look to see if we had yet another boy and to my surprise we had our first ever doeling!  It was very exciting. 

As some of you may know, last time the girls kidded we got all boys.  It is very exciting to have a next generation of milker. 

After allowing Tsarina and the kids to rest for a bit I moved them to the kidding area that she decided not to use again this year.  They all did well overnight and the kids were hopping all over the place this morning.

Tsarina is eating and drinking well and all the kids are nursing well so I guess........All is well on the homestead. 

I will keep you posted as they grow and of course when Buckets decided to kids we will update you.  Until then...Happy Homesteading