We have had so much excitement around the homestead lately it has been hard to find a minute to sit and give an update on what's going on.  Well as the title says our homestead just grew by two more. 

Last night I checked on Buckets about midnight and she was kind of pacing so I knew she was getting close to kidding time.  I figured I could check on her every couple of hours but she would probably not kid till morning since some of the other signs weren't there yet.

Another sign that Buckets was getting close to kidding was the crazy cackling chicken that was going in circles around her.  Not sure what the deal is with this chicken but she seems to know when we have kids on the way because the will just not be quiet day or night when they are close to kidding.

Well at 6:00 a.m. Buckets was still up and walking and definitely close to kidding.  I but her in the kidding room and she wanted nothing to do with it. In the time I had gone to get some hay and feed she had broke the hinge on the kidding room gate and gone into the chicken coop.  She was determined to  have her kids in the rain! 

Well within the hour we had two kids with absolutely no complications although Buckets and the kids were dripping wet because it had started to rain.  Yeah, I know.  We hardly get rain in this area and of all times it starts now that she is kidding.

I gave her a little time to clean up the kids and then I made a bed of hay on the side of the goat house that was protected from rain but still outside since she wanted to be outside.  I picked up the kids and she let me know very quickly she was not happy about me picking them up.  I tried to walk forward and she kept putting herself between me and the area I was trying to move the kids to.  She looked like she was even considering giving me a butt.  I would have been surprised if she did though because her and Tsarina have always been very gentle and loving with me.

I decided to chance it and moved forward anyway.  She voiced her displeasure but she allowed me to move forward and then I placed the kids down on the bed of hay and she seemed pleased with where they were.  I then gave her some fresh water with a little molasses and some fresh hay and a little feed.  I then took the time to take a closer look at what we had here.  We had a beautiful girl and a spunky boy.  They were both bigger than any of Tsarina's kids but then Tsarina did kid early and have triplets.  Both babies look just like Momma.

We are very please with Buckets and our new additions to the homestead.  Last kidding season we didn't get any doelings and this time we got two.  How sweet life is!

If you want to see them in video - click this link