Six months ago I got a Henry Milker goat milking system for my birthday.  I did an article about the milker and about how pleased I was with it.  Not only was I pleased with the milker but it was because of the Henry Milker that my special needs son, Jonathan, was able to milk the goats for the first time. 


We were very excited and felt that we should let Henry Milker know how pleased both Jonathan and I were with the milker.  I just sent them an email through their website and detailed how happy Jonathan was to be able to participate in the daily milking of our wonderful little Nigerian dwarf goats. 

Out of the blue and to our great surprise Jonathan received a package from Henry Milker today.  We have never had anything like this happen before so you can just imagine how excited we were.  As excited as I was I did manage to grab our little flip recorder to film Jonathan opening the package.  I wanted to be able to show the Henry Milker people just how excited Jonathan was to get a package from them. 

Our goats have been on maternity leave and Jonathan can't wait for them to get back to milking after the kids are weaned.  Once Jonathan opened the package he was ready to go right out and get to milking.  The only problem is................the goats have not kidded yet.

When Jonathan opened the package we were truely amazed at what it contained.  It had in it a whole new pump, tubes, the new molded lids, cleaning brushes, teat cups and even some homemade goat treat.  I was so moved it took everything in me to not cry.  It wasn't just the wonderful gift from Henry Milker but the heart touching letter that was enclosed for Jonathan.

We felt so blessed.  I was just amazed that a company, even a small company like Henry Milker, would take the time to do something so heart touching and to send such a personal letter.

Jonathan will never forget the package he got in the mail from Henry Milker and I will never forget what a wonderful company they are and not just a company but people!

If you would like to view the actual videos of Jonathan opening the package video one - video two