I searched for quite a while for a simple yet efficient plan for a Nigerian dwarf goat milking stand.  I have very basic building skills and can do simple stuff but nothing fancy.  I found a plan that met my criteria and the supplies cost me roughly 34.00 including the screws.  I altered the original plan to suit my needs and you may need to do the same.  I have included step by step pictures because I am a very visual person and thought they may help you also.




If you are going to build this dairy goat milking stand, please read the entire instructions prior to purchasing and cutting any wood.

Here's a list of what you will need:

2 - 2X4X8

4 - 1X4X8

35 1/4 X 18 1/4 piece of wood for platform.  I used plywood 3/4" thick

Measuring tape


The plans called for a jigsaw but I used a circular saw.  It's just faster but either will work

Wood screws (some at least 1 1/2 " and some 3") The plan called for 1 to 2 inch  screws and 3  to 3 1/2" screws, but the 1 inch are too short and the 3 1/2" are too long, so go with 1 1/2" and 3" and you will save yourself some heartache.

Some clamps help too if you are working on this alone.


Step 1: Cut the Wood

Tip - I marked the pieces with their lengths just to make it faster when assembling.

Cut one 2X4 into two 35 inch pieces and a 21" piece. 

Cut the second 2X4 into two 15" pieces and three 21" pieces.

Cut one 1X4 into a 52 1/2" piece, two 16 1/4" pieces and one 10" piece.

Cut the second 1X4 into a 52 1/2" piece, a 30" piece and a 10" piece.

Cut the third 1X4 into a 30" piece, two 9" pieces and two 18" pieces.

Cut the forth 1X4 into four 18" pieces

Step 2:  Assemble the Platform

Take the 35" pieces and the 15" pieces and construct a rectangle with the short sides fitting in between the long sides.  Secure with the 3" screws. 

Now take the four 21" pieces and secure them on the inside corners of the square, these will be your legs.  This is where the clamps would come in handy if you are working alone.

 Now flip the whole thing over onto the legs.

Take the two 52 1/2" 1X4's and attach one to either side of the stand about 8 inches from the bottom.  (The original instructions said about halfway up which would be a little over 10 inches but later the instructions said to use the 9 inch pieces for legs at the front of this part of the frame.)  These additional pieces will form the step and add extra support.

Now add the two 16 1/4" pieces to the ends of the 52 1/2 inch 1X4's to finish framing the step.

Now take the plywood or whatever medium you chose for the platform and attach it with the 1 1/2" screws.

Step 3:  The Step

Take the two 9" 1X4 pieces and attach them as legs under the end of the step.  Add the 18" pieces across the step top with the 1 1/2" screws.

Step 4:  The Restraint

De-horned goats:

For the restraint that will hold the small goat's head take the two 30" pieces and place them about 3 1/4 inches apart (you will have to judge this by the size of your goats).  Place one of the remaining 10" pieces under one end of these and the other 10" piece can be placed on top.  (Note the picture above, with restraint laying on the platform)  Secure them in place with the 1 1/2 inch screws.  Now place a coffee can (or something else round that is the size you estimate your goats head will fit through) on top of the restraint and trace around it, then use your jigsaw to cut out the circular patten you traced.

Horned goats:

My goats have horns and I did not think the restraint design above would work for me, so I altered it.  I placed the 30" pieces about 5 inches apart and lowered the 10" pieces to about 14" from the bottom.  My goats are 17" and 18" to the shoulder so I figured that would allow them to lower their heads into the feed bowls that will be mounted on the goat house wall at the right height for them to feed on while being milked.  I will also be placing a hook to attach their leashes to help ensure they remain restrained.  (Hey they are goats)

Not shown on the finished photos is the top latch I will be adding to help restrain their heads also.  I will be making it so the latch can be raised to put their heads in and then lowered to restrain them.  I will add another photo when this part is complete.

Now attach the constructed restraint to the platform at the head of the platform to the 2X4 frame.  I added a piece of scrap 2X4 wood and a 1X4 to the bottom of the restraint to add more stability. 

Now get them goats up there and start milking.